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General Information

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a device that provides emergency power when the primary power source fails. It includes a battery that kicks in immediately during power outages, ensuring no interruption to connected devices. UPS systems are crucial for preventing data loss and maintaining operations during electrical disruptions. To learn how Switch Always On can ensure a seamless power supply for your operations, visit our solutions page.

Remote power management allows businesses to automate and manage power distribution smartly and efficiently. It helps in reducing downtime, conserving energy, and improving system reliability by allowing remote troubleshooting and resets. Discover how Switch Always On enhances operational efficiency with advanced remote power management at our features page.

Cloud-based power management offers scalability, real-time analytics, and centralized control of power systems from anywhere. This modern approach enhances operational flexibility and data security, making it easier to manage power settings across multiple locations. Explore the benefits of Switch Always On’s cloud-based solutions here.

Yes, UPS systems are designed to provide reliable power backup during outages, protecting against data loss and system downtimes. However, performance can vary based on device line conditions and setup. Learn how Switch Always On UPS systems provide robust protection on our product page.

When it comes to selecting the right UPS, it is essential to evaluate factors such as power capacity, battery life, scalability, and infrastructure compatibility. 

  • In the case of ATMs and kiosks, which are frequently subjected to power interruptions that can cause transaction failures, a dependable UPS is critical to maintaining continual operation. 

  • Similarly, digital signage networks rely on UPS systems that can prevent power outages, ensuring that media visibility is preserved in high-traffic areas. 

  • 5G routers require uninterrupted power to maintain consistent connectivity, which is crucial for maintaining high-speed internet services. 

  • Robust UPS solutions are necessary for fast EV charging stations to manage high power demands effectively and ensure the availability of chargers. 

Our selection guide can help you explore how Switch Always On can meet these specific requirements across various sectors.

Dealing with power outages and fluctuations that can disrupt the operation of your electronic devices is frustrating. An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system with auto-reboot functionality can be a lifesaver in such situations, providing backup power to keep your devices up and running. Plus, it helps you avoid costly service calls that are often just simple power resets that your devices can handle remotely. 

If you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to ensure uptime for your business-critical systems in unattended kiosks and similar setups, look no further than Switch Always On. This comprehensive power management solution offers a range of features, including integrated Li-Ion battery backup and real-time alerts, so you can stay informed of any power-related issues. 

Switch Always On is designed to enhance reliability, improve uptime, and reduce the risk of power and connectivity related issues. So, if you want to keep your devices running smoothly and avoid any disruptions caused by power or connectivity outages or fluctuations, Switch Always On is the ideal choice for you. Don’t let power and connectivity issues get in the way of your business success – switch to Switch Always On today!

Your line of business is convenience, therefore you often deploy your machines in high-traffic areas where downtime can lead to significant inconvenience for your customers and revenue loss for your business. A smart auto-reboot solution such as Switch Always On can help minimize downtime by automatically restarting your machines and networking equipment at the edge in case of software crash or freeze, or power and connectivity disruptions.

Your machines need to operate reliably around the clock. By automatically rebooting the system when issues arise, your machine can maintain its availability and ensure a seamless user experience. Enhanced reliability provides peace of mind that your customers experience is first class and your business will continue to operate even while you’re sleeping, on vacation, or focusing on expanding your operations.

Your customers expect your services to be quick and easy to use. By automatically rebooting in the event of a problem, the machine can quickly recover and resume normal operation, minimizing frustration from users. Improving user satisfaction is on the top of every business owner’s mind.

Identifying underlying issues that may be causing the system to crash with an auto-reboot solution that includes monitoring and diagnostic features such as Switch Always On is critical for creating a frictionless experience between you and your customers. The data that Switch Always On provides can be invaluable for troubleshooting and improving the overall reliability of your operations network.

Switch Always On is an all-in-one smart power management solution that helps minimize downtime, enhance reliability, reduce maintenance costs, improve customer satisfaction, and provides valuable monitoring and diagnostic capabilities.

Switch Always On provides power cycle management solutions that are customized to meet the specific needs of a wide range of industries. Our devices are designed to ensure that your operations continue without interruptions by providing advanced power cycle management, customizable DC port automation, idle time conservation, and superior line condition and protection.

Our power cycle management solutions can automatically reboot your devices and equipment when connectivity and power interruptions occur and also based on your customized schedule, which increases their uptime and reduces downtime. Our idle time conservation feature helps you conserve energy by automatically powering off devices that are not in use. Our DC port automation allows you to automate and manage your devices more efficiently by setting up customized automation rules for your DC ports.

Our devices ensure superior line condition and surge protection, which is crucial for maintaining operational continuity. They protect against power surges, spikes, and other electrical disturbances that can cause damage to your devices and result in costly downtime.

Switch Always On’s power cycle management solutions are designed to optimize performance, reduce downtime, and lower your energy costs. Our products are the ideal choice for businesses looking to improve efficiency and operational continuity.

With Switch Always On, you can trust that your operations will run smoothly and continuously.

Switch Always On’s patent offers unique and innovative features that make power and connectivity management easier and more reliable. This technology simplifies complex processes, giving users an edge in managing power and connectivity with superior ease and effectiveness. By integrating advanced features, Switch Always On strengthens its market position by attracting customers seeking dependable and innovative power management solutions. This sets it apart from competitors like Wattbox, Miniboot, and iBoot G2s.

Features and Benefits

The Switch Always On cloud management service provides continuous professional monitoring through our Cloud and Mobile App. This service enables you to stay informed with real-time alerts directly to your desktop or mobile device regarding any disruptions or restoration of AC power and connectivity. By delivering these timely updates, our cloud management helps you effectively monitor and optimize your kiosk operations, swiftly address technical issues, and make informed operational decisions wherever you are.

You’ll receive instant real-time alerts for connectivity loss, AC power loss, and recovery notifications through both email and push notifications on your desktop or mobile app, with flexible opt-in preferences for alert settings such as low battery, device error, and reboot settings.

In the event of network downtime, our onboard battery backup allows you to continue to receive alerts through our cloud management system and push notifications, keeping you informed about the status of your connectivity.

Yes, our comprehensive product range, including the “hybrid” model, is designed to remotely reboot your entire system. For other models, this can be achieved with the addition of Switch Always On AC power plug accessories, ensuring full-machine power management as per your operational needs.

Yes, the power outlets on our devices are customizable, allowing for a tailored power management setup.

Technical Specifications

Switch Always On is a smart power and remote reboot management solution that provides continuous network connectivity and remote rebooting capabilities for devices connected to the network infrastructure. Its primary focus is on managing the power supply of the network infrastructure rather than individual machines. This approach enables smooth operations and quick service restoration without the need for manual machine resetting. Switch Always On enhances overall operational reliability and efficiency by ensuring uninterrupted network connectivity, making it an essential tool for maintaining seamless business activities.

Our devices deliver an extended battery backup duration—up to 2 hours at full load across all DC ports and approximately 10 hours at 20% load, ensuring your network remains operational even during prolonged power disruptions.

Absolutely, Switch Always On features 4 configurable independent DC outlets (5V/12V), allowing you to tailor each port’s power supply according to your specific networking requirements.

The maximum power output for the DC ports is 65W. The ports deliver +12V at 1.5A nominal and 2.5A max, and +5V at 2.5A nominal and 3.5A max, ensuring robust power delivery for your networking equipment.

The Switch Always On device boasts a compact design with dimensions of 4.8”W x 6.5”H x 1.7”D, making it comparable in size to similar offerings in the market and an ideal fit for efficient space management.

Setup and Usage

To set up your Switch Always On device and connect it with our cloud management software, begin by securely placing your device and connecting it to a power source and your network. Register your device using the Switch Always On mobile app, available for both iOS and Android, to manage settings and receive updates. Complete the setup by configuring your network preferences and alert settings through our intuitive user interface. For a detailed step-by-step installation guide, please visit our installation page here. This process ensures your device is ready to provide reliable monitoring and alerts.

For more details on features and customized pricing options, please contact our sales team.

Compliance & Compatibility

Yes, our devices are designed with universal compatibility, ensuring they can be used internationally with any standard adapter.

Switch Always On devices meet rigorous safety standards, including UL/cUL (UL 60950-1), FCC Class A emissions, CE listing, and ROHS compliance, underscoring our commitment to quality and safety.

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