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The Switch Always On family of products offers remote power control for your equipment and networking devices, ensuring uninterrupted operation from anywhere, anytime. Our solutions are widely used in diverse industries, including kiosks, vending machines, ATMs, and digital signage.

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Enhance ATM Uptime with Secure & Reliable Power Management Solution.
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Digital Signage

Keep Your Digital Signage Brilliant & Operational, Whatever Happens.
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Vending Machines

Optimize Vending Machine Operations with Reliable Power Solutions.
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Introducing the Switch Always On Solutions

We offer a robust lineup of remote power control and power management solutions designed to empower you to reduce costly site visits, conserve energy, ensure business continuity, and enhance network reliability.

Scheduling & Configuration​

Manage your device power and reboots. Whether it’s scheduling equipment power off for energy saving modes, coordinating equipment rests during off-peak hours, or ensuring timely updates, our app provides the flexibility and automation you require to control and keep your operations running smoothly.

Remote Power Management

Leverage the potential of remote management to streamline and enhance your machine operations, no matter where you are. With our advanced technology, you can monitor and manage your machines remotely, enabling you to optimize their performance and efficiency, while reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Real-time Alerts & Notifications

Manage your device reboots and scheduling. Whether it’s coordinating equipment resets during off-peak hours or ensuring timely updates, our app provides the flexibility you require to keep your operations running smoothly.

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