Your ALL-IN-ONE Solution to Kiosks’ Uninterrupted Power & Connectivity.

Maximize uptime for unattended kiosks, eliminate service calls, and get real time alerts with our Switch Always On 24/7 professional monitoring app.

Switch Always On device featured next to snapshot of its cloud and mobile app
Switch Always On is a smart power and connectivity management solution, designed to address kiosks' connectivity, power, & equipment failures.


The Switch Always On offers an all-in-one power management solution designed to eliminate unattended kiosks’ connectivity & equipment failures, ensuring seamless operations regardless of device and equipment disruptions! Our comprehensive solution boasts a host of indispensable features, including a backup Li-Ion battery, ethernet and wifi connectivity, cloud integration, and an end user mobile app.  No other add-ons are required to stay connected and operational.


With Switch Always On, you are fully in control! In addition to our auto-reboot functions, you can remotely reboot your networking devices and schedule power reboot cycles that align perfectly with your business operations using our Switch Always On intuitive cloud or mobile app, minimizing disruptions during critical operations and ensuring maximum efficiency! Also, you can reboot your entire equipment simply by using one of our Switch Always On AC accessories.

Switch Always On device with its AC accessories that help with rebooting the entire equipment
A snapshot of Switch Always On cloud and mobile 24/7 monitoring app


Stay connected and receive real-time alerts directly on your desktop or mobile device whenever disruptions or restoration of AC power and/ or connectivity occur. By keeping you in the loop, you can optimize your kiosks’ operations, address issues promptly, and make informed decisions on the go.

Switch Always On is

ideal for

Examples of unattended kiosks, a vending machine, payment kiosk, digital signage, and an ATM machine

Switch Always On is a comprehensive solution designed to address a wide range of unattended kiosks’ problems.

Connection issues, device and equipment hangups, power outages, and power surges often disrupt business activities, leading to frustration and financial losses. With Switch Always On, businesses can minimize downtime and eliminate costly truck rolls with our advanced features, including integrated Li-Ion battery power backup, auto-reboots, and real-time alerts. Experience the reliability and efficiency of Switch Always On, the solution to unattended kiosk’s most pressing problems.

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Technical Specifications

Switch Always On
IP AC Switch Devices

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Device Add-Ons

Switch Always On Accessories

The Switch Always On Accessories extend the functionality of the device to support auto and remote power cycling of the Kiosks’ AC power, eliminating downtime and driving revenue growth.


The AC power Plug is ideal for external installations for easy plug-in to power cycle the Kiosk’s AC power.

AC power plug accessory


The AC power Switch is ideal for internal installations to power cycle the Kiosk’s AC power. 

AC power switch accessory


Hear From Our Customers On How We Enhance
Connectivity & Operational Efficiency

CEO of Pharmabox & Amerikiosks wearing a blue suit and white shirt

Alejandro Rodriguez
Founder & CEO of Pharmabox & Amerikiosks

“When we discovered the Switch Always On device by Smart Charging Technologies, it was a revelation.
This smart power management device changed the game for us. It’s a versatile, reliable, and secure solution that has not only saved us time and money but also elevated our customer satisfaction and professional image.”

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