Discover Switch Always On's Smart Power Solutions

Advanced Remote Reboot Management for Digital Signage

Powering Modern Digital Signage Networks​

Digital signage networks need strong and reliable power solutions to prevent interruptions and downtime. The power system must be able to handle the demands of the network to keep it running smoothly. Any disruptions or downtime can cause significant inconvenience and losses, making it essential to have a dependable power system. This is where Switch Always On meets these needs by providing cost-effective and efficient power management.

Enhancing Digital Displays with Smart Power Management​

Leverage the Switch Always On solutions to achieve substantial benefits including cost-reduction due to lower energy costs with power scheduling, reduced service truck rolls, improved uptime with remote power control, auto and remote reboot, and centralized management for large-scale digital signage systems.

Tailored Solutions
for Your Needs.

If you oversee the management of unattended kiosks, vending machines, ATMs, or digital signage, we offer a variety of products designed to give you full and remote power control of your equipment. Our product line includes the SAO Hybrid, SAO AC, SAO DC, and SAO DC Hub, each of which is designed to optimize your operations with features such as independent outlet control, dual Ethernet ports, and reliable backup connectivity.

Revolutionize Your Digital Signage Management​.

Are you ready to streamline and secure your digital signage operations? Review our solutions page to find the perfect Switch Always On product that fits your requirements and transform how you manage your digital displays today.

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