Meet the team

The Switch Always On Team

Dr. Nasser Kutkut


Dr. Nasser Kutkut is a world expert in industrial battery charging and management solutions. Dr. Kutkut has over 25 years of technology leadership and management experience

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developing and commercializing innovative battery management technologies for motive and stationary power battery markets.

He has a wide array of business expertise, including start-ups, sales and marketing strategy, technology and product development, and an extensive technical background in renewable energy power systems, battery charging and monitoring technologies for motive power applications, energy storage systems, and smart grid technologies. Dr. Kutkut holds 23 issued U.S. and international patents and has published more than 70 papers in leading technical and trade journals.

Thikrallah “Thiker” Shreah


Founder & CTO of Switch Always on and Smart Charging Technologies LLC (SCT), Thikrallah “Thiker” Shreah is a seasoned technology expert with over 15 years of experience

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in firmware, software, web, and product development management. He has worn many hats over his career, including firmware developer for industrial applications, hardware designer, system performance specialist, manager and developer of the largest Middle Eastern job portal, product manager for e-commerce products, and manager and developer for one of the largest Industrial IoT platforms. Thiker holds a degree in computer engineering and enjoys constantly learning and navigating the challenges of the ever-changing software landscape. Thiker’s experience makes him uniquely capable of developing IoT applications and navigating complex engineering challenges.

Micah Larsen


Micah Larsen started as Director of Sales for Switch Always On in March, 2023. With over 4 years of business development and sales experience in the unattended retail industry,

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and over 24 years in sales, Micah brings an immense passion for helping operators, business owners, and entrepreneurs increase profits through technology.

He’s also a student of karaoke and looks for every opportunity to be behind the mic!  Micah has built a reputation for always delivering results and as Director of Sales, he’s excited to continue working hard for Switch Always On clients’ success!

Who We Are

Switch Always On is a proud product designed and engineered by Smart Charging Technologies (SCT) , a high-tech firm focused on developing innovative IoT energy management and equipment solutions for the industrial transportation industry. Our team of motive and industrial battery experts share a combined 200+ years of industry experience developing battery monitoring and charging technologies, propelling us to become the largest aggregator of LCFS & CFP energy credits in California and Oregon.


Years of Combined Engineering Experience


The Journey to Creating Switch Always On

The inception of Switch Always On arose from a real-world challenge encountered during our deployment of industrial IoT battery charging equipment across numerous manufacturing and distribution facilities in the US. To establish cloud connectivity for the battery charging equipment, we relied on access points consisting of enterprise WiFi routers and backhaul cell modems.

During deployment, we faced frequent connectivity issues, ranging from WiFi router or cellular modem hangups to disruptions caused by power outages, dips, and firmware or hardware glitches in networking devices. Rectifying these issues required sending technicians to the sites, resulting in costly and prolonged connectivity outages.

Searching for a solution, we explored UPS devices, but they lacked the ability to recycle networking devices. AC UPS devices were too large for compact cabinets. We also considered remote IP AC switches, but they lacked backup batteries to maintain connectivity during power outages.

A group of 3 men standing in a booth at a trade show, promoting an auto power reboot device called Switch Always On.
Three men standing in front of a their booth backdrop at a tradeshow

In response to these challenges, we embarked on developing an All-In-One Solution tailored to our unique needs. We envisioned a compact device that could provide backup power to networking devices during power outages, safeguard them from power surges and dips, continuously monitor connectivity, and restore connections through automated and self-healing power reboots.

This vision materialized as the Switch Always On – a game-changing product that revolutionizes the way we ensure reliable connectivity. With Switch Always On, we conquered the challenges faced during deployment and empowered businesses to maintain seamless operations without the need for on-site technicians.

The Switch Always On is a testament to our commitment to solving real-world problems, providing a compact yet powerful solution to enhance connectivity, protect unattended kiosks and networking devices, and eliminate costly downtime.