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The Smartest DC Micro Power Supply

for enterprise routers, Wi-Fi Access Points, cell modems,
security and smart home applications

cUL certified CE certified RoHS certified Double Insulation

Stay Connected With Switch Always On™

Smart Home

At Home

Keep home network devices (cable modems, Wi-Fi routers, security cameras, home automation applications) connected and protected during power outages and internet disruptions.


At Work

Remotely manage multiple enterprise network devices (Wi-Fi access points, cell modems, edge devices) at different sites while reducing downtime due to power outages and equipment hang-up.

Smart, Resilient, & Highly Reliable

Switch Always On™ is a smart, cloud-based, DC micro uninterruptible power supply (UPS) designed to keep home and enterprise network devices always connected, even when power is not.

Connected SWITCH
Cloud Configuration

Remote Cloud Configuration

Remotely manage and monitor multiple Switch Always On™ devices at different sites, all from one place, using the Switch Always On™ mobile and web applications.

Power On Switch

Hands-Free Power Cycling

Configure Switch Always On™ to automatically power cycle home and enterprise network devices when internet connectivity is lost or experiencing hang-up.

Mobile Alerts

Real-Time Updates & Alerts

Receive email and text alerts to stay current on the backup battery health, internet, and power connectivity status of Switch Always On™ to quickly diagnose network issues or disruptions.

At Your Fingertips

Mobile Cloud Management

Seamlessly navigate the Switch Always On™ mobile and web applications to monitor the status of home and enterprise network devices in real-time, with a simple, user-friendly interface.

Backup Battery

Long-Lasting Backup Battery

Equipped with a compact, high-performing, fully rechargeable Li-ion battery, Switch Always On™ delivers up to two hours of uninterrupted backup power for four devices.

DC Cable

Multiple DC Output Ports

Featuring four DC ports (5V and 12V) capable of supporting various home and enterprise network devices, Switch Always On™ eliminates the clutter and unreliability of traditional AC adapters.

Switch Always On™ Cloud Application

Product Specifications


Case Studies
Smart Homes
Smart Homes

Anna Jones, a Smart Home trailblazer, uses technology to make her home more efficient and secure. However, she has one problem: her Wi-Fi router randomly hangs and loses connection to essential home equipment. Find out how Switch Always On™ helped restore her connection.


ACT designs and installs Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) battery chargers and monitoring devices at remote sites. However, after a recent installation, several modems failed and continued to experience outages. Learn how Switch Always On™ helped secure their connection.