Reliable Power &
Connectivity for Enterprise
Networking Devices

cUL certified CE certified Double Insulation RoHS certified

Enterprise Solutions

Stay connected when disruptions occur

Introducing the most reliable power supply (UPS) designed for enterprise networking devices

  • Monitor and manage network connectivity
  • Remotely power cycle networking devices
  • Get notified anytime network connectivity is lost

Minimize the potential for network downtime

Switch Always On™ is the ideal power solution for networking devices in hotels, hospitals, offices, airports, and other commercial areas where round-the-clock connectivity is paramount for service delivery.

Keep Wi-Fi access points, cell modems, network switches, edge devices, and more, fully powered and connected during outages, spikes, and brownouts.

SWITCH Device connected to multiple devices

Smart, Resilient, & Highly Reliable

Multiple DC Output Ports

Multiple DC Output Ports

Deliver direct and reliable power to multiple networking devices while eliminating clutter and redundant power conversions with Switch Always On™.

  • Gets rid of low-quality AC adapters
  • Supports up to four devices at once
  • Compatible with 5V and 12V powered devices
Long-Lasting Backup Battery

Long-Lasting Backup Battery

Equipped with a long-lasting, Lithium-ion backup battery pack, Switch Always On™ keeps networking devices running disruption-free for up to two hours.

  • Provides up to two hours of backup support
  • Fully recharges in less than five hours
  • Auto-calculates remaining battery life and runtime
Cloud Monitoring & Configuration

Cloud Monitoring & Configuration

Switch Always On™ features mobile and web cloud applications to help users assess the connectivity of their networking devices in real-time.

  • Integrates with enterprise control systems
  • Provides real-time network status updates
  • Reduces the need for technician visits or “truck rolls”
Hands-Free Power Cycling

Hands-Free Power Cycling

Customize each Switch Always On™ port to auto-restart networking devices from anywhere, at any time.

  • On loss of power or ethernet
  • Time, date, or event
  • Sequenced by equipment type
  • Length of time offline
Real-Time Updates & Alerts

Real-Time Updates & Alerts

Enable email and text alerts anytime network connectivity is lost or disrupted, and customize the alerts by event:

  • When port connectivity is lost or recovered
  • Equipment experiences hang-up or disconnects
  • Backup battery life is low or requires service

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Switch Always On has helped us avoid countless headaches by improving our network connection at remote sites. We rely on Switch Always On to keep us connected.

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