Switch Always On™ for Smart Homes

Anna Jones is a Smart Home enthusiast who uses technology to make her home more efficient and secure. Every day she relies on various smart applications to automate the control of her security, A/C, lighting, doorbell, and garage opener devices. Her family also has four smartphones, three laptops, and a Smart TV, all connected to the home internet using one modem and one Wi-Fi router.


With all of her smart applications and devices connected simultaneously, Anna's Wi-Fi router would randomly experience hang-up and require a manual reset (power cycle) to regain full connectivity. Her modem and Wi-Fi router also use standard AC adapters and power lines, which become unusable during power outages and dips. While away, any disruptions to internet connectivity or power meant that Anna's home automation applications and devices weren't functioning.


Frustrated with how often her internet and power equipment failed, Anna did a quick search and came across Switch Always On™. She learned that by replacing her old uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with a new Switch Always On™ unit, she could restore her devices' connection.

Shortly after installing a Switch Always On™, Anna configured her modem and Wi-Fi router to automatically power cycle anytime internet connectivity was lost or experienced hang-up. And since Switch Always On™ includes four DC output ports, she finally got rid of her faulty AC adapters and power lines.


Today, Anna relies on Switch Always On™ to keep her home automation applications and devices connected. Mobile alerts notify her anytime connection issues occur, and she can view the connectivity status of her applications and devices in real-time. Since purchasing a Switch Always On™, Anna no longer has to worry about restarting the router or if she’ll lose connection to essential home equipment.

"I’m very pleased with Switch Always On™. After installing my first unit months ago, I haven’t experienced any connection issues or hang-ups. It’s the perfect solution for my Smart Home applications."