Switch Always On™ for Enterprises

ACT designs and installs various Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) battery chargers and monitoring devices for their customers at remote sites. Their IIoT solutions feature embedded Wi-Fi chipsets, 802.11 b/n/g Wi-Fi routers, 4G/LTE backhaul modems, and AWS cloud applications, all of which rely on wireless connectivity to enable cloud monitoring.


Following several recent installations, ACT's backhaul modems began losing connection to their cloud at random times throughout the day. Some units failed due to AC power line spikes; other units experienced connection hang-up and required manual resets (power cycling) to regain proper functionality. Low-quality AC adapters and power lines were often to blame; however, anytime unexpected events such as power surges and dips occurred, their modems would lose connectivity shortly after.


Searching for new ways to improve their cloud service at remote sites, ACT came across Switch Always On™. They learned that by replacing their old uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with a new Switch Always On™ unit, they could restore their modem's wireless connection without going onsite to fix it.

Shortly after installing multiple Switch Always On™ units, ACT configured their backhaul modems to automatically power cycle overnight to avoid losing connectivity during normal operations. Also, anytime one of their Switch Always On™ units lose AC power or internet connection, ACT's IT team receives an immediate notification about the event.


Today, ACT experiences no more power or connection issues with their remote site equipment. Because of Switch Always On™, ACT feels confident knowing their wireless devices are always powered and connected. And with 24/7 access to the Switch Always On™ cloud and mobile applications, ACT can monitor and reset each of their devices remotely, saving the company valuable time and resources.

"Switch Always On™ has helped us avoid countless headaches by improving our wireless connection at remote sites. Knowing the real-time status of our device's AC power and internet connectivity has been essential to delivering our cloud monitoring service."

ACT, 2020